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Owner and founder


Owner and founder

A loving mother knows...!

After being the mother of a beautiful girl named Nazira, who brings special meaning and is a helper of God, she began to want to provide help and products that day by day will accelerate the beautiful and chaotic work of being a mother while managing the life of mother and home, between being a wife, a businesswoman, a nanny, a housewife, I wanted to make life easier for each mother, it is because it takes years of work in silence to bring you products that make your life better on each step, in an expert way of quality because a real loving mother ALWAYS KNOWS.

Nazirababy is a company run by a mother whose mission through her experience is to help all mothers in the world to facilitate the beautiful and also chaotic life of a mother, which in her opinion, is the best stage for women.

Apart from providing help and knowledge in the life of mothers, the mission is to manufacture high-quality products for babies and children that adapt to the needs of their new life as parents, at the same time being at the forefront of products that are useful for each family, to make this a reality, a mother has gone through tests with her children to bring her the best in each of her products, that are more comfortable, safe, and convenient for each style of mom, baby, children and parents in general.

We even defied the homogeneous look of most baby products, creating sleeker designs and more sophisticated, modern fashions. NAZIRABABY strives to provide the personalized attention and customer service that you expect and deserve.

Driving the cutting edge on so many levels, NAZIRABABY offers the highest standards of innovation and style that discerning parents appreciate. For us, it is a matter of pride. For parents, it is one more source of joy.

Our philosophy

At NAZIRABABY we strive to make the life of parents and children easy, simple, and above all, fun. The highest quality standards, global trends, and continuous product development help us provide parents with everything they need for the development of their babies and the easier life of mothers.

Our products are inspired to make life easier for baby and child caregivers and offer the best, safest, and most accessible options for you and your baby.

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What makes us DIFFERENT?

What makes us different is that we rely on our own real-life experiences as parents to continually set and raise the standards of safety, style, and performance we’re known for, plus our products meet the most stringent industry standards required. by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).